How much does In-Home Meal Delivery cost?

You can pick a plan that fits your lifestyle. You can purchase 3-5 meals a week. The following sample pricing is for 3 meals a week, however plans will vary from family to family.

Single Person (3 meals/wk)                                              $75/week

Couple (3 meals/wk)                                                           $150/week

Family (3 meals/wk for 2 adults, up to 2/3 kids)        $200/week

Can I choose my recipes for In-Home Meal Delivery?

Yes. You can pick your plan to match your dietary preferences, schedule and household size.

Can I request all organic food? 

Yes, actually we can accommodate all types of dietary requests. Your food is made just the way you like it. And we work with many local farms to source our organically grown ingredients.

When is my In-Home Meal Delivery delivered?

All meals for the week are delivered to your house on Sunday with instructions on how to finish the meals.

Where does Chef4Rent deliver for In-Home Meal Delivery? 

We deliver in the Syracuse area but please contact us if your house is in our delivery area.

Can I skip a delivery or cancel my membership at any time for In-Home Meal Delivery?

Of course to both. We understand you may be away on vacation and not need a delivery that week. And you can cancel at any time, but you are going to love how easy it is to provide your family with quick, nutritious dinners!

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes, what better gift than the gift of fresh, delicious meals delivered right to your door! Please contact us to order.